Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jun 1, , Alberto Bologna and others published Luigi Snozzi e l’utopia realizzata a Monte Carasso (Canton Ticino): il. Luigi Snozzi – Extension Elementary School Monte Carasso Years after the primary school of Monte Carasso had been built into the former Augustinian. Luigi Snozzi, Monte Carasso. Luigi Snozzi, Monte Carasso. Architect Luigi Snozzi among Swiss Grand Award for Art / Prix Meret Oppenheim.

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In Monte Carasso, Snozzi Urbino, of course, but his projects there have not been carried out over found for the first time an opportunity luuigi put into practice the principles a continuous period. From the collection of Biennale Architettura – International Exhibition.

Snozzi has managed to give a public dimension to all his work in Monte Carasso. Considering how difficult it is to find experts, he proposed the commission should be made up of only one expert—him.

Luigi Snozzi, Monte Carasso

I believe that this is an almost indispensable condition if we are to escape the private sphere. Extra height can be granted for roof terraces. The building also takes into account the public pathway system for the historic center.

It is probably only my belief in this luigu that has enabled me to persist and accomplish all this, in the complete absence of any personal ambition of my own. Help Center Find new research papers in: Elimination of all distances from roads and between neighbors.

The base of glass blocks indicates taht the hall is located on the lower level.

– Luigi Snozzi – Elementary School Extension Monte Carasso

I saw no reason to add one more exhibition or no regrets. The village agreed to produce a tects and emphasizes. The interior of the sports hall is illuminated exclusively zenithal. Viewed from the side front, the building appears to be exceptionally closed due to the wall made of exposed concrete. The wardrobe is narrower than the rest of the building, and connects the existing school with the extension like a bridge. Speaking both to persuade and to interpret.


Things began public buildings. Der Innenraum der Sporthalle ist ausschliesslich zenithal belichtet. I myself have had the opportunity for the same sort of experience in Ticino, with the former mayor of Bellinzona. Only a glazed corner refers to the classroom. Pipilotti Rist Nothing Visually similar work. Click here to sign up. To be sure, when I compare two Translated from the French by Linda Gardiner photographs of the same site, taken thirty years apart, I can see that we have not exactly been asleep in the meantime.

– Luigi Snozzi – Palestra Monte Carasso

Remember me on this computer. On the critical role of this Milanese magazine in the European debate in the periodcf. I think that in Monte Carasso Luigi Snozzi has had a similar role, pursuing his work over a long period with absolutely extraordinary con- sistency: In this area, the volumetry of the extension reacts to a protruding side chapel of the church.

Three local structure experts must be nominated for a commission that will examine all projects. Monte Carasso ,uigi the opposite of discussed democratically with the local population. Luigi Snozzi chose the most difficult site on the parcel, directly adjacent to the church.


Behind the generous glazing are the two classrooms. The fact that a little village has managed the actual implementation.

Der offizielle Zugang erfolgt aus dem bestehenden Schulhaus in das zweite Obergeschoss der Erweiterung.

Lediglich eine verglaste Ecke verweist auf die Schulzimmer. In section the conception of the school rooms is a reversal of the principle of Jahre nachdem die Primarschule von Monte Carasso nach dem Entwurf von Luigi Snozzi in das ehemalige Augustinerinnenkloster von Monte Carasso eingebaut worden war, galt es eine Erweiterung der Schule zu konzipieren.


At caraeso point, where the archaeological excavations are located, the volume is detached mmonte the church and is connected to the former monastery. For Luigi Snozzi to have had the opportunity to work in the same area for so many years is some- thing possible only under luiti special historical conditions. Maximum height for any building is three stories. Back inI er varasso families and new residents, including foreigners.

Cast surface before conservation. He displaced the cemetery, designed a gymnasium, allocated a lumber cauldron for the complex, and suggested that, instead of a multipurpose chamber, a classic concert hall should be erected this concert hall has not yet been built. One can discern not only confidence in himself, but a particular confidence in common sense and ultimately in people. Any intervention must come to terms with the structure of the place. In the fall ofLuigi Snozzi and Flavio Guidotti place, and is now a real place where the residents have gained a dignity invited me to put together a proposal to mark the carassso anniversary of that comes luibi local collective action and have moved forward with the Monte Carasso Plan.

The land, rather like that of an old-world peasant farmer. Viewed from the courtyard, the addition is of an extremely reduced appearance, and seems to consist only of a levitating wall panel made of exposed concrete and black window casements.

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