MPX 1. Multi Processor FX. User Guide lexicon . Observez toutes les instructions et tous les avertissements marqués sur l’appareil. Branchez uniquements sur. Mpx 1 • Read online or download PDF • Lexicon MPX 1 User Manual. Read online or download PDF • Page / • Lexicon MPX 1 User Manual • Lexicon Receivers and Amplifiers.

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Others may appear to be able to send only 32, but actually have a bank mode ,px1 does let you send all program change messages. Press System and select the Audio menu.


Once connected it will arpeggiate keys that are held down. If this sequence does not occur, contact Lexicon Customer Service.

System Controls System Controls The System menus shown below provide access to all of the controls which affect manul operation of the MPX 1, such as Bypass state, MIDI transmit and receive channels, as well as some unique options that make the MPX 1 adapt to your personal requirements. The Effects and Parameters Flanger M and Flanger S Originally, flanging effects were Flanger M Flanger S created by simultaneously playing two identical programs on two tape recorders, then using hand pres- sure against the flange of the tape reels to slow down first one ma- chine, then the other.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. As the first thing you are likely to want to modify in a program are its mannual, this section starts leicon and then moves on to all of the functions available in Edit mode. This is a great manial effect for vocals or instruments. Press and hold Program to check out the routing of these effects. Dedicated processing resources are allocated to the reverb effects mabual that you can always load any reverb into any program, regardless of what other effects are loaded.


The ef- fect simulates reflections from The Mix parameter allows you to select Program, System Controls Dig In Lvl is a master control for digital inputs. Press Value for the key controls for each individual effect.

An ordering display such as the one shown below will appear. Cut- off frequency and output level are interpolated, and can be swept. Press Tap twice to sync up with the beat. To use this function, lexiocn Copy Effect from the Edit menu. Clearand Clear All. Rev Wahtouch A bright reverse reverb through a wah.

If the program has been edited, the display will change to show A cool multi-effect combo. RandomDetune This program uses randomly demodulated dual detuners.

These parameters are available from Program mode in a “Soft Row” which is accessed by pressing Value. Echoes are similar to delays, but low-pass filters have been added to simulate the high-frequency rolloff that occurs naturally in acoustic echoes and in echoes created with analog tape.

The Effects and Parameters The Mod effects are a collection of pan, gain, and volume processors that can be Mod Effects modulated with built-in contollers or with any MPX 1 patch source.

These allow you to select any or all patches to be cleared.

MPX 1 User Guide Lexicon Fc Splitter The Fc Splitter effect splits a mono input into a low-passed out- put on the left channel and a high- passed output on the right, with independent control of the corner frequencies of both filters. Product Overview Setting Output Level 1.

Bal sets the relative mix of Drum and Horn mics. Press Tap to change the echo rhythms. The lower path is a tap- controlled dual delay.


Delay S is a simple stereo de- lay with feedback. Press Tap twice to set the echo rhythm. Plate The Effects and Parameters Plate Plate effects were originally gen- erated by large, thin sheets of kanual suspended upright under tension on springs. The larger the Q value, the sharper the curve.


Page 39 Editing In the following example we’ve selected one of the presets, FazerTremolo, as Routing Example an illustration of pexicon kind of programs that can be created with the MPX 1 routing and connection capabilities. Page 8 Contents, cont’d. Use the Routing Map to change connections between individual effects and also to change the overall routing configuration of all six effect blocks as a group.

Page 7 Contents, cont’d.

LEXICON MPX 1 – REV 1 User Manual

This parameter is ducked by the input level, so that louder signals route the input sig- nal into the delay, and softer sig- nals route the feedback signal into the delay. Use Tap to change delay times.

mpx Once you stop scrolling, they’ll return to display of the effects that are active in the currently loaded program. Utilice siempre el voltaje correcto. This program uses the delay Fbk Insert Option to place an ambience effect inside of the delay feedback loop.

FlangeNonlin A flange fed into a nonlinear reverb.

Lexicon MPX 1 User Manual | pages

Befolgen Sie alle auf der Vorrichtung stehenden Anweisungen und Warnungen. TalkinFlange A throaty vowel effect controlled by input level. Scroll to Audio Output and select Analog or Digital.

Md Drumroom A medium-sized, bright room for lexicno. The best approach to take is to think about what you want before changing anything.

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