Over the last months I have been working on a famous solo by Lennie Tristano. The tune is called “Line Up” and is based on the chord. Lennie Tristano’s Line up. pasted-graphic. I’ve been working on this on and off for the last 3 months, trying, just as with the previous. I first heard about Lennie Tristano’s famous improvisation over “All of Me” changes reading Ethan Iverson’s blog post about Tristano and his.

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Lennie Tristano’s home studio, New York, [9]. Oennie also complained about the commercialization of jazz and what he perceived to be the requirement to abandon the artistic part of playing in order to earn a living from performing. At its release, the album was controversial for its innovative use of technology, with Tristano overdubbing piano and manipulating tape speed for effect on the first four tracks.

Tristano Transcriptions — Scott Flanigan

Tristano encouraged his students to learn the melodies of jazz standards by singing them, then playing them, before working on playing them in all keys. Retrieved Tritano 14, Retrieved May 21, The sextet recordings of are notable for coherent ensemble playing and soloing, and the free group improvisations based on spontaneous group interactions kine the contrapuntal principle. Lennie Tristano and His Legacy.


Tristano’s advanced grasp of harmony pushed his music beyond the complexities of the contemporary bebop movement: Avant-garde jazzbebopcool jazzfree jazzpost-bop.

Lennie Tristano

Lennie started on the family’s player piano at the age of two or three. In the early s Tristano played tenor saxophone and piano for a variety of engagements, including in a rumba band.

Trio, with Sonny Dallas bassCarol Tristano drums, added in []. It was subsequently re-issued in original form and track-list order by Warner JazzRhino and Collectables Saxophonists Parker and Lester Young were important influences on Tristano’s development.

Lennie Tristano’s Line up | Tom Hewson

He played with leading bebop musicians and formed his own small bands, which soon displayed some of his early interests — contrapuntal interaction of instruments, harmonic flexibility, and rhythmic complexity.

Tristano’s second album for Atlantic lins recorded in and released the following year. Descent into the Maelstrom InThe New York Times dubbed the album a masterpiece. Trio, with Peter Ind bassTom Weyburn drums ; released c. The New York Times. New York Improvisations A Listener’s Guide updated ed.

Tristano Transcriptions

The History of the Music in the Best Albums. Views Read Edit View history. The Masters of Bebop: Historical Dictionary of Jazz. Though controversial immediately on release, Tristano’s decision to use the technique was described in by The Kennie York Times as “celebrated”.


Tristano first met saxophonist Charlie Parker in Ryman’s “technique not only parallels music in general but shares the principles of kinesthetic and multisensorial attention to detail that characterized the teaching of Lennie Tristano. Critics disagree on Tristano’s importance in jazz history. Tristano was born in Chicago on March 19, Pianist Mose Allison commented that Tristano and Powell “were the founders of modern piano playing, since nearly everyone was influenced by one or the other of them.

Tristano later recalled that not a single reviewer questioned the multitracking of those songs. Tristano studied for a bachelor’s degree in music in performance at the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago from untiland stayed for hp two years for further studies, [6] although he left before completing his master’s degree.

Tristano recorded his first album for Atlantic Records in ; he was allowed control over the recording process and what to release.

He developed further via polyrhythms lien chromaticism into the s, but was infrequently recorded. Retrieved September 17, Pianist of ‘Tristano School'”.