Nine years later, Lardner would feature the same character, “mindless chatter and all,” in his most well-known and anthologized story, “Haircut.”. The Library of America’s “Story of the Week” this week ( org/) is Ring Lardner’s famous “Haircut,” a kind of dramatic. Haircut has ratings and 21 reviews. Lemar said: If you’ve ever stuck up a conversation in a small town diner with a seemingly innocuous local telling.

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Old man Gregg was in the lumber business, but got to drinkin’ and lost the most of his money and when he died, he didn’t leave nothin’ but the larnder and just enough insurance for the girl to skimp along on. Whitey attributes the accident to Paul’s nervousness over never handling a gun before. Paul and old John was down on the shore of the lake. Well, tulle come up to Doc’s door and rung the bell and they was nothin’ coin’.

Such a reading requires that one considers the barber’s comments about Jim like his being a “card” ironic.

Haircut (short story)

They sold canned goods. He was certainly a card! Collapsed further, this comes out: Well, it seems, w’ile they was cryin’, Doc Stair come along and he asked what was the matter, but Mrs. Books by Ring Lardner. Paul had came runnin’ up to the house a few minutes before and said they’d been an accident.

Jim had the whole northern half of the State and was on the road five days out of every week. A small town hsircut shares with a new comer the local happenings of the community including practical jokes, romance and infidelity, and an accidental shooting maybe murder. The moral standards of decency and responsibility, which small towns had embodied in Lardner’s earlier fiction hircut in ‘Haircut’ only enforced when the town half-wit murders Kendall for exposing the gentle and virtuous Julie Gregg to public ridicule.

We want to get curious about the full motivation behind them. Jim certainly was a character! Refresh and try again. Return to Book Page.


I said no, but I knew where he was, out duckshootin’ with Jim Kendall. For instance, he’d be ridin’ on a train and they’d come to some little town like, well, like, well, like, we’ll say, like Benton. Ring was exposing the witlessness of a whole vein of the American comic tradition–the small-town wag who is a degenerate descendant of the frontier hell-raiser, and is degraded and perverse; but there are still innumerable jackasses to laugh at him.

She argues against Fadiman’s “Triangle of Hate” theory and the opinion that Lardner is “just a comic” and compares Lardner favorably to Sinclair Lewis, giving examples of college Freshmen’s opinions of “Haircut. Newer Post Older Post Home.

For instance, they’s old George Purdy–but I guess I shouldn’t ought to be gossipin’. I just charge three dollars because personally I don’t mind much shavin’ a dead person.

Haircut by Ring Lardner

I don’t suppose she had any idea how her face changed when him and her was together; of course she couldn’t of, or she’d of kept away from him. He’s a mighty handsome young fella and his clothes always look like he has them made to order. Jim publicly declares that he lusts after Julie and tries to force himself on her–literally. So they had to choose another man to be coroner in his place and they picked Doc Stair.

Well, he didn’t have no intentions of bein’ there or buyin’ tickets or nothin’.

Dec 28, Juergen John Roscher rated it really liked it Shelves: Well, Jim’s habits and his jokes didn’t appeal to Julie and of course he was a married man, so he didn’t have no more chance than, well, than a rabbit. Publishing History Liberty I 28 March It ain’t no job that anybody would fight for and what a man makes out of it in a year would just lardnwr buy seeds haircutt their garden.

A small town barber in an unnamed town near Carterville tells his customer who is new in the town Ring Lardner’s Haircut is a one-way conversation piece and is well written. He was kind of rough, but a good fella at heart. When Doc first come to town, Paul seemed hairctu feel like here was a real friend and he hung round Doc’s office most of the w’ile; the only time he wasn’t there was when he’d go home to eat or sleep or when he seen Julie Gregg coin’ her shoppin’.


Haircut (short story) – Wikipedia

He is able to make jokes at Jim’s expense without arousing his anger. There is a whole series of pranks whose fun, for Jim and vicariously for his buddies in the pool hall and, even more numerous, on Saturdays at the barber shop is inseparable from the pain they impose on their victims.

He came to town about a year and a half before the story is related. The article analyzes cinematic allusions, especially those to the movie Wages of Death found in the story “Haircut” and asserts that the plot of that movie is the hidden plot of this story.

So he said he would come out and see her, kardner if she was able to get out herself, it would be better to lqrdner her to his office where he could make a completer examination. It is at his farm that the shooting takes place. But they live seven miles out in the country, on the Streeter road. Apr 06, Jack K rated it it was amazing. I ain’t no mind reader, but it was wrote all over her face that she was gone.

haurcut Whitey says Jim should have never “leave a new beginner have his gun” and that it “probably served Him right. They made a date to meet in the mornin’ and that’s the last I seen of Jim alive.

His wife and the kids waited and waited and of course he didn’t show up. Only poor Paul ain’t crazy, but just silly.