Kali Kavacham. The Armor of Kali. Srisadasiva uvaca. The respected Eternal Consciousness of Infinite Goodness said: Kathitam paramam. Kalika Kavacham Translated By ander (This is the version of the prayer as given in a book in Malayalam The prayer obviously. shrIbhadrakAlIkavacham || shrIgaNeshAya namaH | nArada uvAcha | kavachaM pAtu chAmuNDA nairRRityAM pAtu kAlikA || 17|| shyAmA cha vAruNe pAtu.

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kalika Kavacham 2 –

Brahmi, Shaivi, Vaishnavi cha VaarahiNarasimhika. Beauty is the energy that lifts to gladness. Ramachander This is the version of the prayer as given in a book in Malayalam The prayer obviously belongs to thanthra method of worship of the Goddess. Here are the best 7 uses of Kali Kavach that can lead to a fulfilling life: Om victory, victorypraisepraisefry, frybeatbeatattract, attractkill,killAnnihilate my enemies, destroy, destroyeat, eatbreak, break the demons and asuras, Oh ChamundaPut under my control all people including kings and ladies.

Please protect my life breath and all the Siddhis that I possess. Dear Sir How may times should I recite this to get blessing from godess for fulfilling one of my wishes? He receives protection in the entire world, becomes established in enjoyment, and surely receives salvation Moksha.

Sathro prana prathishtam thu kuryath manthrena manthra vith, Hanyadasthra prakarena Sathro gacha yamakshayam. Such a person remains free from infirmities and is long-aged; even those who are weak become strong. On your youtube channel there are 3 4 videos of kali kavacham.


Remove sudden accidents – Recite the Kali Kavach 4 times in the morning and one time before going outside the home or office. He develops a sharp and powerful brain.

O Goddess who resides in the lotus, Kamalamayi, may You protect my cheeks. Neelothpala dala shyaamaamshathru sanga vidharineem, Nara mundam thadha gadgam, kamalam cha varam relugu.

Those who read it one thousand times would get mastery, And his jobs would be very easily done like the talk of Lord Shiva. Oh goddess of devas. I helugu you Kalika who is the goddess who kills the enemies, Who is capable of blessing with all type of wealth, Who is auspicious and is the prayed by all devas.

kali Kavacham 1 –

Chanting it against enemiesyou would be able to free your country, And later make them ni slaves. I am doing Maa Dakshin Kalika mantra from last one and half years with vyapak nyas. Shathroonaam yena nasa syadhathmano rakshaanam bhaveth, Parameswaryamathulam labhedhyena hi thad vada. Apart from resulting in destruction of enemies, this prayerCan attract peopleresult in great wealth and increase, the number of your sons and grand sons.

Hariom pal, I suggest you to receive Dhumavati Deeksha from Guruji. May the Greater than the Greatest repose in my throat to protect ever my voice. Continuous practice of this Kali Kavach builds a magnetic energy pattern near the worshipper which repels the negative energies and helps attracting positive and good vibrations only. The aspirant who recites this Kavach with full feeling every morning after respectfully invoking the Goddess has all desires fulfilled.


Guru Shakti

May the Goddess with great eyes protect my navel region. Om jayajayakiritwlugukiti kitikatakata Mardha, mardhamohayamohaya, Hara, hara mama ripoon dwamsa, dwamsa, Bhakshaya, Bhakshaya, trotaya, trotaya, yathu dhanaan Chamunde sarva jannanraja purushaan, sthriyo mama vasyaan kurukuru, thanu, thanu Danyam Dhanam may aswan.

Kali is the fearful and ferocious form of the mother goddess. O Goddess, Creator of the Perceivable Universe, please repose in my eyes to protect my vision. Te,ugu Shiva, the victor of all the three realms, Mahashiva is the narrator of this Kali Kavach.

Is this worship is suitable for me? Notify me of new comments via email. Sathru rucchadanam yathi desaath vaa vichytho bhaveth, Kavacbam kinkarathamethi sathyam sathyam na samsaya. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Ok means everyday i have to repeat my wishes and then chant 7 times the kavach right??

I do not know. Email required Address never made public. Though it is not full version, it is still effective. Then the Kali Kavach should be recited with full faith and devotion.