Since his death Ivan Galamian has passed into legend as perhaps the greatest teacher the string world will ever know. Barbara L. Sand asked some of his. Ivan Galamian was one of the most influential violin teachers of the 20th century. Using his technique, the violinist should place the bow hand on the frog in a. [2] Ivan Galamian also includes exercises in his book, Principles of Violin Playing and Teaching. [3] Mastering the technique of playing long, sustained notes.

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Then there has to be looked for an activity for the children where they can find their sense of life for their own. It should also valamian possible to play with a good intonation on a badly arranged violin. The thumb is leading the shifting movements — shifting from very high positions to the 1st position: More techniqhe of breaking procedures depend on the taste and depend on the style or on the conditions of the concert hall. As soon as a technical problem is solved and well managed it should not be repeated again and again.

The elbow should also be in a movement changing the position according to the string which is played. But also wide and fast and narrow and slow has to be trained and has to be possible tefhnique a rich variety of vibrato for music performances. The thumb and the palm are touching the violin’s body now. Technical training details 9.


There is contact at the violin’s neck with the thumb and the first part of the forefinger first finger. Increase your reputation technqiue posting useful answers to people’s questions and earning positive votes from trusted members of the community.

At least re-write the entire work if you intend to ‘rape’ unsuspecting students and customers for a book.

The position of the thumb must not pass much of the finger board with the exception when there is a long thumbbecause otherwise any pressure of the thumb on the neck will be more.

The aim is – according to the hall – getting a balance between vocal and consonant sounds.


Ivan Galamian

Notes belonging to a solo voice should be kept well. An own movement of the left hand is allowed only playing in the half position and in high positions and playing chords requiring an extension of the hand.

Vice versa broken chords 8. Moscow School of Philharmonic Society. Developing mental control over violin technique and over physical movements Mental control is more important jvan the mechanic manner how is it executed. Sound production with a little inclined bowing 6.

All natural movements of the fingers, of the hand and of the arm are in a way of a circle. Change of string has to be performed with galajian whole arm. Music only can be perfect when the technical performance is perfect.

Ivan Galamian: Basics and methods of violin playing

Bowing a The system of spiral springs Bowing technique is a “system of springs” — in an artificial way: Kinds of bowing The list is giving the succession of bowings learnt by the pupil’s person 1. About This Article hreeves Falling on the string every note should been given a special impulse. One can touch the violin with the scroll on the wall [with a towel as protection], or one can sit on a chair and put the scroll on the table, so the left arm is completely relaxed and can concentrate absolutely to the vibrato movement.

Also important is the speed with which these instructions are given, when you call out the number of beats for the next bow. Pupil persons often are making just the contrary and accelerate the bowing speed and the bowing pressure, but just the contrary is needed. When the finger tips fall on the strings The fingers should “hang” individually over the strings. Playing the G string no pressure from the side is desirable. Many great violin masters write about and advocate the use of specific exercises in teaching this element of good tone production.

Bow Speed Techniques 5: Ask students to play one up-bow lasting ten beats, trying to make the string vibrate widely. Natural flageolets require less pressure, artificial flageolets require more pressure of the bowing. The mutual work is required.

Add to this there is mostly a badly lead Steiner school orchestra demotivating the pupil’s person.


Ivan Galamian – Wikipedia

The book principles of violin playing and teaching is translated to several languages in the world. From the square to the frog continuing the up bow — the elbow is swinging forward now — the bow hand is hanging naturally now from the wrist, and the hand is turned a little bit outward taking some pressure from the bow away so the tone quality remains the same supination — on the frog the wrist is bent a little bit, and the wrist itself is becoming the principle joint now — the bow is more and more inclined preventing an inclined bowing — there should be only little pressure because on the frog is the main weight of the bow — the wrist has to adapt to these conditions in a smooth way, one has to find the right bench and the right flexibility — but one never should exaggerate inclining on the frog, but one should reduce more the weight.

Then reverse the exercise by starting at the tip of the bow. The school has remained operational and has trained thousands of world class musicians. The main aim is a complete technique of expressionthis means the complete mastership over all possibilities with the instrument, in combination with an absolute safety and management of any requirement of any fine idea.

Keeping longer the upper or the second upper note is no problem when the chord is broken from the bottom up. Phrasings can be handled also using different speeds of bowing. Sound production with a straight bowing Basic preconditions for a round and full tone are the movements of the arm and the bow like springs with a straight bowing movement in a right angle to the string. Stick of the bow in a right angle or in an incline position, scheme. The whole right arm has to be a spring, otherwise there will be a hart tone and a not controllable bow.