My more than 35 years old Fritzel antenna elements look new after a . /71 the 4 cm diameter traps of the (FB FB FB were only. FRITZEL FB Specifications, electrical, 20m-Band, 15m-Band, 10m-Band. Elements, active in band number, 3, 3, 3. Boom Length active for band in use λ. 15 Jahre alten FB33, den ich nächste Woche zusammenbauen möchte. Bei den Maßabweichungen schreibt Fritzel Elementlänge ±10mm und bei Abständen .

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Hallo Albert, ich wette dagegen! The power was also limited to W PA input.

Amateurfunk Forum • Elementabstände Fritzel FB33

Deswegen tut sich auch kaum etwas wenn die Antennen gedreht werden 73 Peter. Ich kann Dir nur vom FB23 die Daten liefern: Das stammt alles noch aus alten Fritzel Zeiten, zumindest sind das die Scans seiner Prospekte. I have had 4 other HF yagi’s from 3 different brands before, but this is tops in build quality. Das neue Forum ist zu erreichen unter: Use a soap pad. Momentary more power is possible, f if they are oxidized or contaminated by insects, arcing may occur.

Fritzel FB33 Product Reviews

Be carefull with power over Watt as the traps tend to blow. Till then I was quite happy with the beam. Fritzel is ceased because he is deceased. Deswegen tut sich auch kaum etwas wenn die Antennen gedreht werden. The traps of this antenna are qua, construction, size and number of turns identical to that of the next vertical antenna GPA They should assembled fritxel to the feed point of the antenna.


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The 33 is a 3 element tribander and the 53 is a 5 element. The thickest aluminium rod in the new model has a diameter of 28 mm.

StrahlerReflektorAbstandalles mm ich habe keine 7,80 hier in den Unterlagen. Only my director was available for measurement. Fritzel model 83 f, Bottom: In contrast to the contact of coil with tube, is visual inspection of the connection to the rod antenna not to perform.

Hallo nochmal, habe heute die Antenne montiert, ist aber noch nicht in der Luft und ich habe sie in eine FB23 umfunktioniert, weil ich diese vorher eigentlich auch geplant hatte, aber keine gefunden hab. Gib mir Tage Zeit und eMail Nun hab ich noch ne Frage zu den Elementlaengen, der Strahler ist ja 7,40 m lang und mein Reflektor ist 7,55 m lang. Drilling of the rivets and replaced by stainless steel bolts and nuts is the surest way to be spared from future malfunction of the traps.

Drilling of the rivet and replaced by screw or bolt with nut is than the only cure. In den letzten 20 Jahren hat sich viel in der Antennenentwicklung getan. The damage appears low on the picture because I restored the plastic with hot air and I glued the cracks a bit. They are almost similar to the types of Fritzel.

  AS NZS 60079 PDF

By regular “polishing” the surface becomes smoother and oxidation has less chance to penetrate the elements.

In Fritzel specified his antennas and traps for an PA input! I had a FB53 14 years ago.

Never mind about the floppy fritze. Vice versa with the longer traps as used for the 40 meter band length 45 cm I have observed which the tube aren’t round but are oval.

Fritzel FB-33

Took me some 4 weeks to clean all aluminum and traps inside too. So it fits exactly on the aluminium cover of the trap. This can be the reason for future failure or reduced efficiency. Oxidation created pits and bumps on the elements. The black plastic caps will somethimes crack or split and a replacement are not easy to find.