Results 1 – 13 of 13 Five Points in Magic by Tamariz, Juan and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at The Five Points in Magic. Written by Juan Tamariz. Work of Juan Tamariz. 85 pages (Hardcover), published by Editorial Frakson Language: English. Buy a cheap copy of Five Points In Magic by Juan Tamariz book by Juan Tamariz . Free shipping over $

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Five Points in Magic by Juan Tamariz – Book

Minch had to say: There is some fantastic material on presentation in this book and once you read it you are more than likely going to change some of your presentation style. I will post a review when I have had a chance to soak it all in. Fove each point 1 will descri be one effect, except for the feet. I’ve heard a great deal about the writings of J.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Tamariz – Five Points Of Magic

Seriously in all honesty this is amazing! Find Out how to pay. This page was created in 0.

These five tools are essential and invaluable to the stage conjurer and the close-up magician alike, and they are clearly analyzed and taught by Tamariz from his vantage point of years of successful professional performance in both venues. This is for you! In The Five Points in MagicJuan Tamariz teaches magicians that tive is not the hands alone that deceive, but also the feet, the body, the eyes and the voice.


Magic Tricks

Michael Ammar, who I greatly admire, praised it without reserve, and teeommended it. Oct 5, Thisdescription will not be limited to the modus operandiit will be rather detailed and I will try to exp lain how to transmit the magical sensation to the spectator.

I don’t think the could go into much more detail, you would NEVER think that your feet position helps in misdirection until buy this book! I’m glad I decided not to bid on the eBay auction now.

It is a master lesson in misdirection. To my surprise, it tum,!: His tamatiz, his criticism, his praise and his ideas gave me the heart to compile at home, months later. Read our privacy policy. PapaG Special user Posts. Thank you for interesting in our services. I hope that these works serve, at least, as a stimulus fivve thought ana reflection, jar those readers who, like me, search for the real interior, f or the soul ofour beloved art, MA GIC.

Feel free to contact us. You will learn from a real master. Can’t wait, this is going to be a great read! Where It Has To. No pa rt of this pu blication may be rep ro duced or trans mitted in any form or by any mean s. Marked Cards reviews. I, probablywas not that good, ‘ 0 0 10 e tomat oes did not fly. This will enhance my magic big time!


Everybody should own a copy of this classic. The feats ar e effective and commercial. Was this book ever published?

Did this review help you? Dale New user 29 Posts. Have a question about this product? Because-if a f ascinating Magician-Guide skillfu lly accompanies the spectator dow n the proper path, the Magic Way, and reaches the beginning of the Magic Rainbow, imagine the spectato r’s disappointment if the magic he finds there is unattrative, is no more than a more or less Ingenious puzzle Report “Juan Tamariz – 5 Points in Magic”.

Brian- “That smart thing that somebody else said”. I’ve been wanting this book for quite some time now Oct 6, Nov 1, This a must-have book. Another must have in your library!

He is amazing and has a lot of advice to share. I can’t wait to get a copy. Even tho I have all of the maestro’s books in english, this is good news.