UNIT 1 UNITS ASSOCIATED WITH BASIC ELECTRICAL QUANTITY UNIT 2 CELLS AND BATTERY UNIT 3 AN INTRODUCTION TO. Et – Electrical Technology – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. ET ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY: 15 WEEKS: 2: NONE. SYNOPSIS ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY introduces students to the principles of operation of DC.

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Department of Engineering Technology. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. The theory and operation of these devices is explored in the context of a wide array of applications including rectifier, amplifier, and switching circuits.

This course is an overview of project management with an emphasis on engineering projects. The fundamental concepts and structures needed to understand communication systems are presented.

Detailed problem specifications are formed. An introduction to analysis techniques for continuous-time and discrete-time signals and typical model systems. Transformers, three-phase power, frequency response analysis, and selected direct current DC topics will also be introduced.

ET101 Electrical Technology

Electricity is the flow of moving electrons. View more contact information. Registration Forgot your password? This course will provide the student with a hands-on experience in an Engineering Technology field application setting.


Power is defined as the rate of doing work or transferring energy. This course will provide the time and space technlogy students to engage in engineering-related scholarship at a high level and expose them to a diverse set of professionals.

Introductory Circuit Analysis – Robert Boylestad. Differentiation and applications, including optimization and curve-sketching.

This course introduces applications of electromechanical control using switches, indicators, relays, timers, and programmable logic controllers PLCs. This was introduced in and is now adopted by majority of countries as the official system of measurement.

One ampere of current is said to flow at 6.

Electrical Technology ET | GCT Books

Definite integration and applications, several techniques of integration, approximation and improper integrals. Topics include pre-construction planning, project scheduling systems, critical path management, risk and effects analysis, and failure modes. SI units may be made larger or smaller by using prefixes which denote multiplication or division by a particular amount.

Series DC, compound DC, AC induction, specialty machine performance and characteristics, stepper motors, servomotors, and three-phase power systems are also included. The unit of power is the watt W One watt is one joule per second.

This course uses a balance of theory, analysis using circuit simulation software, and practical application through laboratory investigation and troubleshooting. Static and dynamic systems are explored in the context of applications such as circuits, dielectric and permeable materials, transmission lines, antennas and waveguides. Hands-on laboratory experiments will demonstrate the operation of real industrial systems compressed air, pumping, chilled water, and furnace and use precision measurement theory as it relates to process measurements and the accuracy of measurements in industrial processes.


Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Concepts are connected to their use in technology and their manifestation in natural phenomena. Topics such as interfacing programmable logic controllers to communicate with each other, remote control of inputs and outputs, and networking devices together into a complete system are covered.

Take the resistivity of aluminium to be 0.

What is the power in watts? Electrical Engineering Technology Course Descriptions. Signal representations including Fourier and Laplace transforms will be used in convolution calculations, transfer functions and determinations of system responses. Apply the knowledge of DC circuit laws and theorems in solving problem related electricxl DC electrical circuit. Characteristics of various three-phase power configurations and in-plant power distribution are covered.

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