“Enthusiasm, like Pride and Prejudice, bubbles over with romantic misunderstandings and comic confusion.” —The New York Times Book Review. “ Winsome. “When someone asks for a reading suggestion, Enthusiasm is the first word off my tongue.” –Stephenie Meyer, author of Twilight “There is little more. Julie Lefkowitz knows where her allegience lies — and it’s all with Ashleigh Rossi, her childhood best friend and serious Enthusiast. Ashleigh’s.

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I don’t know how else to describe it. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. A tree separates their bedroom windows, and they frequently use it to visit each other. Jul 26, Leanne rated it really liked it Shelves: There are some cute laugh-out-loud moments and sweet romantic moments that make this a good read for any girl who has ever dreamed of finding her own Mr.

I’m not sure really but it doesn’t really matter. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Since elementary school, Ashleigh has taken up one craze after another, from military strategy to ballet, from Harriet the Spy to King Arthur, and dragged her best friend along for companionship. Sep 17, Valerie rated it really liked it Shelves: Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

The family dynamics here were really strong, too. This writer is pea green with envy and is in total awe of this level of talent in one so young. Of course, there are misunderstandings, jealousies, etc.

In fact, I stayed up late in the closet reading this one after a particularly long and trying day. Although rather predictable this book was thoroughly enjoyable. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go read Pride and Prejudice.

This could have turned into one of those deadly rival triangles, but Schulman expertly guides the story into much more interesting waters: I even liked the characters you were not supposed to. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction.


Ashleigh, Julia’s best friend, reminds me a lot of Emma Woodhouse.

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Her Enthusiasm ha ha get it? Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Hardback Editions October Not only have they lived next-door to each other for their whole lives, but there is a tree that connects both of their bedroom dnthusiasm. She puts cayenne pepper in her chocolate cookies and reads forgotten books with frontispieces. Honestly, I forgot how much I loved this book.

I still don’t see it around very much, but I’m happy to see Ms. There are no mean girls and there’s no drama and I always appreiciate that in a YA.

Enthusiasm by Polly Shulman

Educated at Yale Univeristy as a mathematician, she obviously possesses both left and right brain skills!

The story is very predictable, but so sweet – a quick, fun summer read! Fortunately, I reflected, the school year wouldn’t start for another week-enough time, I hoped, zhulman make her see reason. I love Jane Austen. I enjoyed the female characters willingness to be true to themselves and loyal to one another. Overall an enjoyable and quick read. It was a very wise decision and I do not regret it.

This was back when I lived in a room with a walk-in closet. Sep 22, Halli rated it it was amazing Shelves: Thank you so very much for bringing this book to our attention.

ENTHUSIASM by Polly Shulman | Kirkus Reviews

Ashleigh gets Enthusiasms, and when she poll, she goes whole hog. In my experience, at least, boys who hadn’t spent a lot of time around girls were less likely, not more, to behave themselves. Though Julie is more quiet than Ashleigh, she has normal teenage problems and not so shupman teenage problems, which make her more realistic and appealing than her friend. Right on the cover was a recommendation of praise from Stephanie Myers which made me roll my eyes, and consider not reading the book.


However, when the two girls end up falling for the same Mr. This is a sweet YA romance, an homage to Jane Austen.

My assumptions were so wrong! Shulman captures the agony enghusiasm the irony of Julie’s struggles to find her own way as she navigates the conventions of a culture that, for all its twenty-first-century trappings, still leaves young women hoping that the young men of their dreams will recognize and return their unspoken affections. Darcy-type young man for both herself and Julia, her best friend who lives next door. And instead of getting a sweet romance inspired by Pride and Prejudice, I get this garbage.

Or will Ashleigh’s embarrassing antics drive him away before Julie gets a chance? Are you out of your candy wrapper? Yet if Ashleigh cherished a similar dream, I feared for her peace of mind. Love the cover and title. This craze has Ashleigh speaking in 18th century English, and only wearing long skirts or dresses because it is immodest to reveal the shape of one’s legs.

In the process, they do meet two nice boys – one of which is Julie’s Mysterious Stranger who she had seen around town all summer. Update the action, please.

Feb 16, Bibek Thapa rated it did not like it Shelves: May 01, Kylara Jensen added it Shelves:

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