Buy Rebel Heart (Dustlands) 1 by Moira Young (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Rebel Heart (Dustlands, book 2) by Moira Young – book cover, description, publication history. The 2nd novel in the Dust Lands trilogy, this book begins in the perspective of Jack. He is heading to a tavern called The Lost Cause to inform.

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I hearr don’t like how he decided, at the end, to view spoiler [stay and work with the rebels. She reminded me a lot of Tris in Insurgentwhich is not a good thing. Why does she approve of view spoiler [ screwing with DeMalo, who is a major villain hide spoiler ] but is still pissed at Jack for “betraying” her??? But the enemy is powerful.

Dustlands Trilogy | Moira Young

Three different couples 18 and up have sex, one woman is a prostitute, but only one encounter is described at all, skipping from kissing to waking up naked. I like Rebel Heart. So when is the next book in the series coming out? Rather than focusing on giant killer worms, Moira Young decided to explore the extent of human cruelty and willingness to survive.

Rebel Heart: Dust Lands, Book 2

Weeping Phoenix July 15, at 6: The plot twist also further drive the differences between the two books as the plot turns in Rebel Heart seem to come out from no where! All of those authors talk in surfaces, but they still convey something I love. Lugh never undergoes any type of character growth throughout this novel and hheart, he winds up remaining a flat character which was rather disappointing. It isn’t a bad book, by any means, dustlajds by my 4 stars, and actually by itself I would have loved it.


But in this dangerous world, everything is amplified and comes with risks attached and this group neart stay united at all costs. The whole part of the book where ghosts of her past were literally traveling with her and causing her difficulties but not really there was unneeded and a distracting side story. The characters were okay, I shipped a couple of people together.

But rather than just throwing up a couple of twists, Rebel Heart feels like a sudden, sharp turn from Blood Red Road, bolting away in a completely unexp A friend and I were recently discussing what we call the Plot Slap: Other than that, its just The bad-ass fighter from book 1 is gone, replaced with a girl haunted by the ghosts of her decisions incredibly interesting actually UNTIL her problems seemingly disappear into thin air because dustlqnds some heat lodge ritual.

I seriously find it hard to believe that two men can be someone’s heart’s desire.

Rebel Heart

Molly is still there at The Lost Cause when they arrive and the Tonton branded a W into her forehead before burning the place down. Rebel Heart starts out with Saba, Lugh, Emmi, and Tommo on their way to a new, and better, life in the west.

She has to Jack’s babies! But later on it was very distracting and discouraging.

Or, actually, a four pointed star with Saba in the middle. And when I look regel to see what things I liked? Those same words appear over and over in the novel, and the characters feel them time and again.


If you see someone screaming in the corner and beating their head against the floor — that’d be me. View all 11 comments.

Rebel Heart | Dustlands Series Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The first book was better, but this book left a cliffhanger at the end that made me want to read more. Rebfl think the ability to pause and consider and dig deep into a character is more gebel than the ability to plot, though I do appreciate both. But winning has come at a terrible cost. She sees Nero flying above her and a hawk swoop down and attack him. They then see another explosion even larger where the weapon storehouses were and Saba realizes Jack blew it up. Common Sense is a nonprofit organization.

I want more of Jack!!! Another of the best things in BRR.

Saba has such an impenetrable bubble and it popped so easy for DeMalo. Smart heroine – gone. Spoiler has been removed. Yet, she did the right thing and put DeMalo to sleep, essentially betraying him, at Resurrection. The Rule of Reble. Every character is the hero of her own life.