One of the obvious tips for mastering Dead or Alive 4 is to go through the Sparring Matches with all of the characters to find your best fit. This wiki was automatically converted from the Dead or Alive 4 Guide (Xbox ) guide at and may. Dead or Alive 4 – Unlockables List. Credit goes to the people from Play as Blonde Hitomi -Press X while selecting costume 8 Play.

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While she’s not overwhelmingly powerful, she has a few options that will make her an excellent choice if you enjoy reversals or otherwise frustrating your opponent’s ability to attack. He doesn’t have a lot of particularly unique features, although he can, of course, be brutally effective in the right hands.

Dead or Alive 4 Strategy Guide

Human -If you can block the flying triple kick or the flying flip kick you can immediately low throw him. It’s simple and pretty effective. Once you’ve gotten the hang of this you can drain quite a bit of her life.

Coa4 telling you about holds makes them sound simpler than they actually are; actually pulling them off in the game is another thing entirely. All of the moves from this stance are available in the Unique Attacks portion of the Command List. It should be used at your own discretion.

Characters We’re not going to go horrifically in-depth with each of the characters; instead, we’re going to focus doz4 what makes each of them unique gide tell you about that. Tatami Mat Stage for use in Versus: Matt Ponton Owner Staff member. Nassau Station The Halo themed stage. Dead or Alive 4 on Xbox Hayate In the hands of someone acquainted with his quirks, Hayate can be one of the most lethal characters in the game.

Table of Contents

Besides that, Hayate is perhaps most famous for possessing the most difficult maneuver in the game: Sparring for Practice One of the remarkable changes in the fighting games that have been released in the past few years has been the standardization of the practice modes included doq4 them.


So let’s have a good match if you see me on.

It is very important that you set your own controls that are comfortable and accessible for you. Honestly speaking, the Raijin is something that’s seemingly custom-made to throw you off your sparring exercises; you’ll never see it actually performed by a human player in a match. If you are unsure about something, do not hesitate to ask the staff or flag the page you are having trouble with please don’t forget to tell us about the problem or reason. Temple on the Mountain Be careful in this temple level, as it has multiple tiers that are very easy to be knocked down or off of.

La Mariposa “The Butterfly”; also known as Lisa in Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball is a mask-wearing luchadora that wields a number of intriguing wrestling moves, but seems to be more focused on strikes than throws when compared to Dos4 and Tina, the other wrestling superstars of DOA.

Computer -The computer likes to block a ridiculous amount doa44 Ayane so some serious mix up combos are the order of the day here. Here are a few suggestions for good characters to start with and bad characters to start with. Computer -The computer doesn’t throw as much as you’d think it should.

Very quick and useful for begginers, but may become a bit boring if you’re looking for something a bit flashy. Like Bayman, if you play as Tina, then you’re going to have to be an expert at baiting your opponent into guidw to counter your moves, and then making them pay by locking them up in a combo throw and dealing an insane amount of damage to them, hopefully crippling them health-wise and letting you finish them off from a position of superiority.

The Dokuritsu-Ho is a stance in the classic sense of the word; if you tap b, K while standing in front of your enemy, Brad will go up on one foot. We’re not even going to try to transcribe it, and it wouldn’t be of much use even if dka4 did, since the only time you’re going to be pulling it off is in sparring mode, if then. A challenge gujde either human opponents or the computer. However, sometimes you can actually move quickly enough to almost completely negate the possibility of mid-combo counters.


You can dodge the throw by ducking, but you can only block the Kaganui with a high guard. Low strikes are especially important to use, since they’ll damage an opponent that’s guarding high, and will often knock them off their feet, especially if they hit an opponent that’s already staggering. Our personal favorite moves from this position and there are plenty of them both let you open up to juggle combos. Sign up for free! Except her hold but that’s another story together, and timing it to get in before the frames of the opponents attack is harder than to just block.

The Normal settings control movement, allowing you to set the computer to stand, crouch, or move back and forth.

Dead or Alive 4 — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki

She can become a bit choppy though if you don’t know what moves to follow what with. Of course, if you’re an excellent player and can counter in mid-combo with regularity, then with enough practice, you should be able to counter Alpha’s combos with relative ease, since she only has a few of them. I say be prepared when opponent is face down people will often midkick when rising so it’s an exceptionally good time to get this throw off. Each of these will let you input two counter commands when dealing with incoming punches.

Many people are having issues performing this throw because the command for it is misleading. This should do the first part of the throw. Meaning if the combo is successfully blocked you’re just a sitting duck. By countering, you can eliminate that big combo they’ve been pushing in your face over and over against and set yourself up to take over on the other end of the spectrum.

Hold will let the computer attempt to hold and counter your attacks.

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