“Divan-e Shams is a masterpiece of wisdom and eloquence. It is often said that Rumi had attained the level of a “Perfect Master” and as such. O Shams-e Tabrizi, you. Compassionately blend and renew. East and west through and through. And so we say, may it be so. From submission to Satan’s will. Brief notes on Divan-e Shams. Divan-e Shams is a masterpiece of wisdom and eloquence. It is often said that Rumi had attained the level of a.

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Since the steel face gained this purity by discrimination, What needs the heart’s face, which has no dust? Jesus slips into a house to escape enemies and opens a door to the other world.

File:Shams ud-Din Tabriz 1502-1504 BNF Paris.jpg

Serving food and welcoming shamss into your house are tbrizi meant to mean, I feel so close to you. I bent the reins of search to the Ka’ba ; He was not in that resort of old and young. The source of Shams’ teachings was the knowledge of Ali ibn Abu Talibwho is also called the father of sufism. Thou art a bird of the holy world, a boon-companion in the assembly of Love ; If thou wilt remain here, ’tis a pity.

Shams Tabrizi

I speak no more, but for the sake of averting headache, O Cup-bearer, make drunken my languishing eye. Contemporary Persian and Classical Persian are the same language, but writers since are classified as contemporary. Rumi’s family tree spans more than eight centuries and includes 26 generations.

The arrows I shoot all go back into the quiver from where they come. And what’s there, inevitably, isn’t an answer but a reflection of the suffering we already feel. Clap your hands for joy of him, by whose see the hand foam is produced, Shamx his joy admits no sorrow nor aflliction. Rumi – my translation.


Diwan-e Shams-e Tabrizi – Wikipedia

We must become ignorant of what we have been taught and be instead bewildered. To illuminate the mind is to confront fear, to confront fear is to examine our limitations and boundaries.

The essential problem of Coleman Barks lies in the fact that in his version he intentionally changes Rumi, perhaps for the better, but at the expense of distortion and misrepresentation.

I have tried prudent planning long enough. Rumi experiences this infinite ocean, he is unable to explain it and unable to describe it. The Western world has for decades been culling through the most alluring and exotic blooms of Eastern poetry and philosophy in search of a “spirituality” completely unencumbered by the spiky thorns of “religion.

Love Poems of Rumi by Deepak Chopra. Here is my quick translation of its first two verses: I will flee from this shzms that, not for weariness, but for fear That my gracious Beauty will flee from this and that. Know that reputation is a great hindrance in the path 3 “path” “the Tagrizi path tariqa’ whereby the pilgrim arrives at the true knowledge of God.

Hafez – Wikipedia

Who says words with my mouth? Do not weep for me and cry ‘Woe, woe! Start walking toward Shams, the teacher, the sun. Avoid entangled thoughts, that you may see the explanation in Paradise. Your body is like a camel which goes to the Ka’ba of the soul ; You failed to go on the pilgrimage because of your ass’s nature, not because you have no ass. Who is hiding inside my mouth putting words into it?

And if the sun did not fare by wing and foot every night, How would the world be illuminated at morning-tide? I have emptied diwqn, to be quit of the furniture ; I am waning, that thy love may increase and wax.


Who are these companions? Unfortunately, none of his above mentioned works are txbrizi translated into English I’ve taken the liberty to translate the above titles of Prof. How exalted is my Glory! Do not sit with the frigid; for you will be chilled by their breath.

In his ghazalshe deals with love, wine and tavern, all presenting the ecstasy and freedom from restraint, whether in actual worldly release or in the voice of the lover [7] speaking of divine love.

The following other wikis use this file: Our lips become dry when thou bringest a drought ; Why art thou moistening mine eye with tears? Don’t think that Diwwan always express myself through poetry. No joy have I found in the two worlds apart from thee, Beloved.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote Wikisource. There the righteous eat and tabrkzi, and there the free are gladdened and rejoiced; and like the Nile of Egypt it is a drink to them that endure patiently, but a grief to the people of Pharaoh and the unbelievers, even as God has said, He lets many be misled thereby and He lets many be guided thereby.

Have you been making yourself shallow with making other eminent? He was a Sufi Muslim. Men of five faiths followed his bier.