: Die Meistersinger Libretto Orginal Text and English Translation. Metropolitan Opera. text and Music By Richard Wagner. English Version By. Libretto, Die Meistersinger Von Nurnberg [Richard Wagner, H. and F. Corder] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg Libretto, Musical Score, and MIDI Files Links Download a zip file with Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg leitmotifs in MIDI format .

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I have not yet even tried the shoes yet; they are so beautiful and richly adorned that I dle not yet dared meistersingrr them on my feet. Treff’ ich dich wieder am Schlag? Your knight is far away. Then suddenly I heard a heavy thump, and as if by magic the whole crowd dispersed in every direction Don’t hum with your voice before the word, and don’t let your mouth rumble on after the word.

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I’ve learned all that with care and attention: You there, go away! Wir sind hier grad’ am Ort! Drum macht ein End’! Will ich denn Schuster sein?

Dies eine Wort, Ihr sagt mir’s nicht? The knight’s song and melody I found new, but not confused; if he left our paths he at least strode firmly and surely. Back to the agenda for the day! EVA Come, dear papa! Are you playing tricks on me? Ha, welch ein Mut! Sachs is opening a loop-hole for bunglers who come and go as they please and follow their own frivolous course.


Mit allen Sinnen Euch zu gewinnen! Services below require separate subscription.

Ihr Meister, schaut die Tafel Euch an: But since my cobbler is a great poet thinas look bad for my footwear! Why should such honour come to me?

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg – Wikipedia

Soll man’s dem Meister klagen? Willst du den Vater wecken? David wakes up and sees Beckmesser apparently serenading Magdalena. Wollt mich beim Wahne fassen? The bird that sang today had a finely-formed break; if he made the Masters uneasy, he certainly pleased Hans Sachs well!

I well know all the rules, keep good time and count; but leaps and superfluities may sometimes occur when the head, quite full of hesitation, makes bold to woo for a young maiden’s hand. I’ll tell everything, for you know it; I’ll librettl everything, for I know it; you are both hero of the prize and my only friend.

Wollt ihr euch denn als Merker erdreisten, nun gut, so merkt mit dem Hammer auf den Leisten: If only father weren’t in it! Ihr lobt ihn, Meister Vogelgesang, wohl weil vom Vogel er lernt’ den Gesang? John’s Day Midsummer’s Daytomorrow. Yes, libtetto I’m not at meistersingr you put the chair and the box up wrong!

EVA Then might you be shrewd?

So I’m in for it, then? In front of Pogner’s house there is a lime-tree, in front of Sachs’s an elder. Might there be no way of helping him?

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg libretto (English/German) – opera by Richard Wagner

Let us go home now He’s even locked us in! He pulls Magdalena in and closes the window zu Streit und Zank bereit? Doch heut ist Freiung: The story revolves around the city’s guild of Meistersinger Master Singersan association of amateur poets and musicians who were primarily master craftsmen of various trades.


A section consist of two stanzas, which shall have the same melody; the stanza is a group of so many lines, the line has its rhyme at the end.

Let him burn it, then at least he’d grow warm! Questioned by Kothner about his background, Walther states that his teacher in poetry was Walther von der Vogelweide whose works he de in his own private library in Franconia, and his teachers in music were the linretto and nature itself.

EVA How I long for an end meistersingr this, and escape! Let me win the knight! Your judgement, it seems to me, would be more mature if you listened more carefully. Walther chooses love as the topic for his song and therefore is to be judged by Beckmesser alone, the “Marker” of the guild for worldly matters.

Mit der Tafel ward ich fertig schier. Despite these problems, the premiere was a triumph, and the opera was hailed as one of Wagner’s most successful works. Weckt ihr die Nachbarn auf?