DBMM Army List Book 2. «on: April 14, , PM». Can someone post a link to the Army List book 2 please as I’m having difficulty finding it. Thanks. DBMM ARMY LISTS BOOK 2 – THE CLASSICAL PERIOD, BC TO AD COMPILED AND EDITED BY PHIL BARKER These lists are intended for use with . DBMM Army Lists: BC to AD Bk. 2 [Phil Barker] on *FREE* Author interviews, book reviews, editors picks, and more. Read it now.

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My personal advice is to just wait for Duncan’s errata of changes and errors of all the books, that will save people a lot of money for basic little changes, which some don’t seem to like being mentioned for some reason, oh well takes all sorts I suppose. Look forward though to seeing the latest effort.

Will let you guys know what the changes are, but as I said from what they have been saying on the MM yahoo list it isn’t much at all which has got some a trifle unhappy over there.

DBM Army Lists Book 2 (Classical) Armies

It features several rule refinements and now covers the period BC to AD. I’m in the same situation. So no need to change anything dbkm your armies. Apparently the Welsh list in Book 3 the bowmen are now Bw s for some unknown reason, how they are as good as English long bowmen no one knows why. I like the complexity.

I’ve heard similar comments about the similarity between the 1st and 2nd editions from two gamers who have bought the new lists. Not sure though that DBMM can withstand any more complexity did Phil also at last cut some fat out of other areas of the rules? Each of the 84 army lists details troop types and numbers to allow the wargamer to recreate realistic armies that faithfully reflect the composition of their real-life prototypes.


They are nigh on the same as the first MM army lists with some minor changes. The feudal English only has one tiny change, the upgrade levy spearmen w north Welsh foot Irr Pk f got changed from toI suppose that’s to reflect the fact they fight in 3 ranks at least in m not sure about mm so you’ll have 3 ranks of 3 rather than 2 of 3 with one under powered file of 2 elements.

Joe, I think some people forget all we are bkok is pushing little dollies around on a table, it’s not world breaking.

DBMM Player’s Handbook / DBM Army Lists Book 2 (Classical) Armies

The HYW English lost the Bw s in the main list it got moved to a before of after 13 something and some other minor Bw s numbers changed from to per Kn something or the other way around, apart from some Bw s numbers etc. The real changes I’m looking for are in book 4 which I don’t think anyone has compared yet. Enough of a change for me to at least buy book 4.

Not touching the Tudor list, too many things to check. But you have instead used a “delayed” command and your command comes on your own side and you quick march up and take him on the flank. I’m mostly interested in book 3 and Baltic armies in book 4.

This was done largely to allow the Welsh to be S but not to overpower them. I’ll also say that I still hold the same opinion that I wrote in Bob’s link. Also remind me again who asked the convention staff to return the tables you were going to use for your MM games at Lancaster and told you who had them please?

It made the old Bw S Samuri too powerful as they were “cheap” Irrg but shot just as well as massed disciplined Bow units.

Apparently one of the QRS sheets also has errors in it. Most of the changes have added excellent nuances to the armies. Sorry to say no mention of the pike being regular after But I do find it interesting that some MM players are talking about ignoring one of Barkers new troop types, namely the bow X in front with Bw I behind dbmm.


The list picked up some letters after some troops, X can only be used in England not France and vie ser versa.

Keep up the good fight, may DBM never die! Your opponent believes you are flank marching and re-deploys a command to face the on-coming flank march. Each of the 80 army lists details troop types and numbers to allow the wargamer to recreate realistic dgmm that faithfully reflect the composition of their real-life prototypes.

Drusilla I have never made personal negative comments about anyone or what they playand that sir is unsporting book you. Maverick, The scotts common only has one change that I can find, the feudal archers: People, here are a list of booj ‘ few’ more errors in book one so far link I’m not opposed to MM Drusilla unless you can show me where I’ve done so in this thread, as I’ve said constantly in the past I don’t care who plays what it’s just the ‘well this dgmm far superior to other ancient games as it flows much better as its so elegant compared to others’ comments from MM players.

I’m having an issue with Yahoo.

De Bellis Magistrorum Militum (dbmm) Army Lists Book 2 500 BC to 476 AD

I used them when I played WRG 6th. Catavar, I just looked at Duncan’s list of book 3, he makes no mention of Burmese or early Tang so one assumes no changes.

I too would be highly interested to see the changes. Accompanying each list are historical notes providing in-depth commentary xbmm the troops involved along with information on naval units, terrain and climate.