Configuring darcs. Building darcs. Manual. We still don’t have a manual for Darcs >= Want to help us?.

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As you update from upstream, you can review each patch name, even the full “diff” for interesting patches. Views Article Discussion Edit History. What are the mahual of doing the same at the repository level? Produced by hackage and Cabal 2. Keep in mind that you could always propose an project with a whole different set of ideas. When you have one or a few patches that you would like to contribute back to the community, then you can use.

If you later discover that your patch is incomplete, missing a file, or contains an error, then you can use. Other people have tried distributed issue tracking before so this also involves investigating previous solutions. Modules [ Index ] Darcs Darcs.

This is useful if you suspect that this patch introduced an error. Contents 1 Upgrading the sources using darcs 1. See also the list of issues of Darcsden on hub.

You can record any number of changesets before pushing them to the main repo. In fact, you don’t have to push them at all if you want to keep the changes only in your local repo.

First record your changes in your local repository, as described above. Of course, this can be tuned according to your system. This page compiles projects ideas for people eg students who are looking for medium-to-large projects to work on Darcs. If you have a user account on code. What about existing repositories?


Improve the representation of local conflict markers in the working directory – e. Undoes the effect of pulling a patch from a remote repository. This text assumes that you have already installed darcs and obtained the development version of Carpet, but are possibly too scared or lazy to actually read the darcs manual. This saves space, bandwidth and CPU time, and most people don’t need the full history of all changes in the past. You create the patch bundle with:.

Darcs User Manual

In that case it can be useful to maintain Gerris using recompilation from source using darcs. We would like to experiment switching to a newer system like wreqor req see motivation wrt wreq. These ideas can be also useful for a Google Summer of Code project. On the other hand, ” Fix typo in comment ” is probably good enough.

If you have added files, you first need to tell your local repository to keep them under revision control:. Do a survey of what Darcs could use as short, secure, fast version indentifiers. Darcs installation From Gerris. There are precompiled packages for many platforms available at http: See previous discussions on this topic:. Since new versions of Gerris are released often, it is a good idea to automate this upgrading process.

Working with Darcs

This means making w req the default download system. Undoes changes to your working directory that have not yet been recorded. This command will check for new patches on the http: Unresolved conflicts-related issues in the bug tracker. In some cases when there have been substantial changes to the Makefiles etc Darcs is written in Haskell and you need GHC to compile it.


Darcs installation

It will also respect the dependencies between the different libraries. You can pass arguments to autogen.

What about current Darcs versions versus new bucketes repositories? Detecting file similarity and detect files moves and hunk moves. Estimate costs of implementing a system above the existing. Assuming you got the gts-stable repository using the instructions above, you can get any new patch from the repository using:.

Upgrading a repository using darcs is very simple. Reporting bugs Please send bug reports to bugs darcs. If you feel like it, you manuap also add a detailed description of the patch. If you use the -a flag to push, all local patches which are not in the main repo are pushed.

If you have implemented a certain feature, corrected a certain error, or fixed a typo, then it is time to record that change as a patch. Gerris depends on a version of automake greater than or equal to 1. This does actually perform the move, as indicated by the darcs command mv manjal, which is spelled the same way as the corresponding Unix command. Maintainer’s Corner Darc package maintainers and hackage trustees edit package information.

This description should be somewhat descriptive, darsc other people will decide from this description whether they want this patch or not.

We could warn users about conflicts.