Special Process: Plating System Assessment. Product Code: CQI Pricing This manual includes a downloadable assessment with forms to complete the. Recently our company was asked when we will implement the CQI Plating System Assessment Program. Before we can do anything we must find out what it . The goal of the assessment is the development of a plating management system that provides for continual improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and the.

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Fo The plater shall define a process for continual improvement for each plating process identified in the scope of the PSA.

CQI | Plating System Assessments

Such parameters shall not only be defined, they shall have operating tolerances as defined by the organization in order to maintain process control. List the name sCompany iesphone number s and email address esif available, of the auditor s. The PSA, coupled with an internationally recognized quality management system and applicable customer-specific requirements, defines the fundamental requirements for plating management systems.

These procedures or work instructions shall be accessible to shop floor personnel. The job audit is not the only or main focus platijg the PSA. The number of employees, salaried and hourly, associated with the plating operation at this facility. After emptying and before reusing containers, containers shall be inspected to ensure that all parts and inappropriate material have been removed.


Elimination of a passive condition on a surface. Related Courses CQI 8: Testing and Calibration Labs.

Capability study techniques shall be appropriate for the plating product characteristics, e. A systek for plated materials which is designated to determine the ability of the composite to withstand severe temperature changes such as for an adhesion test.

Plating System Assessments (CQI-11)

AIAG Organization AIAG is made up of a board of directors, an executive director, executives on loan from member companies, associate directors, a full-time staff, and volunteers serving on project teams. Also called reverse-current cleaning. A unit which converts alternating current into direct current. Number of Plating Employees at this Facility: The program shall be a closed-loop process that tracks asessment efforts from request to completion to assessment of effectiveness.

The scope of the assessment? Record these processes on the PSA, Page 1 sywtem. Certifications may be from 3rd party sources or customer quality certifications. The attractive force that exists between a plating and its substrate. These process specifications may take the form of work instructions, job card, computer-based recipes, or other similar documents.

Fo rF The organization shall incorporate a documented advance quality planning procedure. The Quality Manager or a designee shall authorize the release of reprocessed product. Assessor shall possess plating knowledge. Appearance Decorative Test Method: Shipping Requirements Were the parts properly identified?

Name of the facility being assessed. Please refer to the Maintenance Request Form at the back of this document to submit a request.

  ISO 11127-6 PDF

CQI Plating System Assessment | TopQM-Systems global CQI support in the automotive industry

Current amperes per unit area. O demonstrate ability to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements, and enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for continual improvement of the system.

The organization shall maintain a responsibility matrix identifying all key management and supervisory functions and the qualified personnel who may perform such functions.

Facility and equipment zinc, zinc alloy plating facility Audit Elements Paragraph 4 Paragraph 4: Number of “Not Satisfactory” Findings: An electroplating process resulting in a smooth, lustrous surface without polishing. Similar parts can be grouped into part families for this effort as defined by the organization. Assessor shall possess knowledge of and be familiar with the application of automotive quality core tools including statistical process control, measurement systems analysis, part approval, failure mode and effects analysis, and advanced quality planning.

Number of “Needs Immediate Action” Findings: A feasibility study shall be performed and internally approved for each part. Pricing is dependent on location and may vary.