(To access the bookmark download the PDF version.) Proud people focus on the failures of others. Broken people are overwhelmed with a sense of their own. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Brokenness: The Heart God Revives | Every great movement of God is preceded by a season of humility and repentance. Do you wonder why God seems so far away? It may be that your heart needs to be broken.

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Broken people are truly repentant over their sin, and the evidence of their repentance is that they forsake the sin.

Therefore until a man is nothing, God can make nothing out of him. Now one of my top 5 books I have read this year, I plan on reading this at least once a year. Broken people are motivated to be faithful and to make others successful. Revive people are willing to yield the right to be right. Proud people are elated by praise and deflated by criticism.

If the Bad Guys break us, guess what? Flashback to Thursday, August 07, Rather it requires a choice, an act of will They focus revlves what they can do for God. Excellent devotional on Brokenness.

Brokenness: The Heart God Revives

I first read this revivs about six years ago, and it was very good then. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. But the brokeness validated my experience with good biblical examples which I found encouraging.

Proud people are self-righteous; they think highly of themselves and look down on others Broken people think the best of other; they esteem others as better than themselves. Proud people wait for others to come and ask forgiveness when there is a misunderstanding or a breach in a relationship. But it takes a while.


Broken people are not preoccupied with what others think of them. You won’t regret it!

This book impacted me greatly and I highly recommend it. Contrite- caused by or showing sincere remorse, brokenness, crushed into small particles. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Proud revivex are unapproachable or defensive when corrected Broken people receive correction with a humble, open spirit Nov 03, Christina rated it really liked it.

Proud people get wounded when others are promoted and they gid overlooked Broken people are eager for others to get the credit, and they rejoice when others are lifted up You can have joy in true Brokenness.

Broken people aren’t overly concerned with who knows or who finds out about their sin- they are willing to be exposed because they have nothing to lose. No trivia or quizzes yet. Another great book by DeMoss!! Feb 23, Jessica rated it really liked it Ehart They are disturbed over the problems caused by their sin-from example the financial bondage created by their overspending,or the problems in their marriage that have resulted from selfishness and immoral choices.

Its really short but contains a whole lot of depth. Proud people try to control the people and circumstances around them — they are prone to manipulate Broken people trust in God — they rest in Him and are able to wait for Him to act on their behalf Proud people are concerned about the consequences of their revvives. But brokenness is so hard, DeMoss isn’t naive to that fact.

Brokenness: The Heart God Revives by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Very practical read, includes a side-by-side comparison of a proud heart and a humble heart. This I am sure is not a comprehensive list but it is enough for me to review and be draw back to God with a deep sense of poverty of spirit.


Is when His Holy Spirit can just fill us! Proud people have a feeling- conscious or subconscious – that “this ministry or this organization is privileged to have me and my gifts”. This book made me rethink what I believed about brokenness and how it comes about in my life.

Broken people are willing to be open and transparent with others as God directs.

Because Some One much greater than us wants to take over the driver’s seat. Proud people are blind to the heagt condition of their hearts Broken people walk in the light and acknowledge the truth about their sins They know that they have nothing to offer God except the life of Jesus flowing through their broken live s. Hey, remember Piet Hein? Broken people are grieved over the cause, the root of their sin.

As Nancy Leigh DeMoss poignantly conveys Proud people are unapproachable or defensive when corrected. Broken people are able to acknowledge specifics when confessing their sin; “Lord, I agree with You that I love myself more than I love my mate;I confess that I am addicted to television;I’m a glutton; I have brokennses critical spirit; I am an angry mother Proud people have an independent,self-sufficient spirit.

Proud people are especially prone to criticize those in positions of authority:

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