Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 6 Up–Fans of Stroud’s “ Bartimaeus Trilogy” (Hyperion) will cheer the return of the sarcastic, chatty, and. Much to his annoyance, Bartimaeus the djinni has been enslaved by King Solomon the Great, who commands his empire with an all-powerful magic ring. The Ring of Solomon is a prequel to The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud. It was first published in Blurb It is B.C.E.. and King Solomon rules.

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Faquarl gains his freedom but Bartimaeus is imprisoned in a small bottle by Khaba and his principal slave, the marid Ammet, as punishment for his earlier crimes. While definitely entertaining enough, you don’t get an opportunity to connect with the characters.

Return to Book Page. Oh, it’s just your standard girl meets djinni meets evil magician meets king meets the Queen of Sheba, featuring a hippo wearing a skirt. Here are the instructions of how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Audio CDUnabridged13 pages.

The Ring of Solomon – Wikipedia

After he completed his studies of English literature at the University of York, he worked in London as an editor for the Walker Books store. Surpassing the original trilogy is a different matter. The king, upon learning of Bartimaeus’s murder of Ezekiel, is insulted that a mere djinni is the perpetrator.

Sebagai orang yang setia kepada Ratu, Asmira berangkat dari negerinya menuju Yerusalem ke kediaman Raja Solomon dengan tekad yang kuat, bartumaeus akan membunuh Raja itu bagaimanapun caranya. Dan jelas bukan Barty donk namanya kalau selalu nurut sama Masternya, si Barty ketahuan menggunakan sihir tepat saat Solomon lagi melakukan sidak di lokasi pembangunan.

Views Read Edit View history. See all 6 questions about The Ring of Solomon…. I did like how Bartimaeus made the comparison to that if he was a slave so was she.

Ring of Solomon | The Bartimaeus Trilogy | FANDOM powered by Wikia

This book takes place many years before the Bartimaeus Trilog Bartimaeus is in trouble with a powerful king, and is put with a harsh master, who he soon also annoys. The kind of depth that came out in Nathaniel, Bartimaeus, even Faquarl and Kitty, doesn’t happen with Asmira, Solomon, Khaba, or anyone else.

I love love love this book! Something incredibly egotistic, admirably self-centered, impressively courageous, and just too clever, snazzy, and sharp-tongued to ever be properly commemorated in words.


Quite some time has passed since I read the Bartimaeus trilogy.

Ring of Solomon

It’s running on rails. Both youth and Jonathan Stroud are wasted on the young. Bartimaeus uses his trademark wit to infuriate Khaba and the magician unleashes his flail upon the djinn and threatens to place them in his essence cages devices similar to the Mournful Orb in The Amulet of Samarkand should they displease him a second time.

True to form, Bartimaeus promptly gets kicked off the temple project and assigned the even more miserable task of hunting bandits in the desert. This one reads like a historical fantasy as opposed to the modern setting of the trilogy, which is enjoyable because you get to see Bartimaeus and even some other comrades in a different setting.

In the aftermath of the attack, Asmira willingly dismisses Bartimaeus, revealing her intention to turn down Solomon’s offer in favour of choosing her own path bartumaeus life, and the two part ways on friendly terms.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. However, to clarify, this isn’t a sequel.

If this was a YA book, there’d probably be an edgy, dramatically angled shot of Asmira and Bartimaius bartomaeus airbrushed teenagers, though we all know that Bartimaius’ preferred form and pose would be a hideous goblin blowing a so,omon. I’m a big fan of Bartimaeus since I was a child, and imagine how thrilled I was when I found out Jonathan Stroud wrote one more book about Bartimaeus!

View all 44 comments. Jul 17, Mayank Agarwal rated it it was amazing Shelves: In the end, Asmira refrains from killing the king, choosing instead to take the Ring back to Sheba in spite of Solomon’s warnings and Bartimaeus’ demoralising analysis of her motives. She has very limited experience when it comes to handling demons but she has to bartimaeuz how to deal with Bartimaeus when she reaches a crucial aspect of her mission.

Barty masih sama kocaknya, masih dengan humor sarkastiknya, masih seenak egonya sendiri.

Location Please enter your location, but not an exact address. The reader, so ensnared by the capricious, troublemaking solomoon, can only sigh in frustration when the narrative switches to the infintely more boring, third-person voice concerning the tale’s human characters.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Oh Barty, we love you. Gifts for my Nephew. Asmira is then escorted to Jerusalem by Khaba and manages to persuade him to reluctantly dismiss the two djinn.


Bartimaeus devours the old man and by the magician’s death is released and returns to the Other Place. So when Solomon demands a high amount of that for nothing in return the Queen must resolve to kill Solomon to escape the shame of bowing down to another ruler. D Munculnya tokoh Asmira berbeda dnegan Nathaniel, sifat keduanya juga berbeda, mungkin karena saya terbiasa menghubungkan Barty dengan Nat, sehingga ketika membuat ikatan baru antara Barty dengan Asmira malah membuat saya bosan.

This is so much fun I have immediately started rereading this which I don’t do often at all! Meanwhile, sarcastic Bartimaeous is causing as much trouble as he can, and when he gets rid of his master, he gets sentenced to work for Khaba, the most evil magician of Solomon’s lot.

I was pretty dubious about it but no more!

The workforce is an ill-behaved bunch of demons, a particularly unruly djinni named Bartimaeus It is B. Solomon then summons Queen Balkis to Jerusalem and clears up the misunderstanding. In fact some characters only shined a little when they interacted with him. The Ring of Solomon is a children’s novel of alternate historyfantasy rinv magic reminiscent of the Harry Potter series, but much darker in tone.

Inspite of being ringg middle ranking djinn, Bartimaeus has more than one trick up his sleeve! And Bartimaeus really is the highlight of the work. A special feature of these novels compared to others of their genre is that Stroud examines the stereotypes and ethics of the magician class and the enslaved demons.

Bartimaeus: The Ring of Solomon

The book is told in alternating chapters from Asmira tge Bartimaeus’ view points which might explain why it takes so long for the two characters to finally start doing something. The Ring of Solomon by Jonathan Stroud. The reader, so ensnared by the It’s Jerusalem, B.