Ayya Khema addresses metta and love. On the spiritual path, there’s nothing to get, and everything to get rid of. The first thing to let go of is trying to “get” love. Ayya Khema’s Dharma Talks. Ayya Khema. — Select from Ayya Khema’s talks –, VIEW ALL ยท (Incomplete Tape) Moral Conduct (Bad Quality). Ayya Khema was born in Berlin in of Jewish parents. In she escaped from Germany with a transport of two hundred other children and was taken to.

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The immediate resultants of all our thoughts, speech and action are quite apparent.

Between and she travelled with her husband and son throughout Asia, including the Himalayan countries, and it was at this time she learned meditation. Founded women’s Buddhist organisations.

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Instead of dwelling upon any negative action of that person, we can put our attention on something pleasant about them. In the last year of her kuema, she also published her autobiography: Having reflected on these two aspects in a meaningful way, we can keep three things in mind.

Inshe escaped from Germany with two hundred other children and was taken to Glasgow, Scotland. If we start meditating for half an hour and slowly increase it until we reach a whole hour, that’s a good program.


Dharma Seed – Ayya Khema’s Dharma Talks

Message for a Globalized World by Bhikkhu Bodhi. Usually our anger arises towards other people. Low to High Price: Another recollection is about having a loving and kind attitude towards oneself and others and to protect one’s own happiness, and wishing to same for all beings: This is a sketch of how to use one’s day to day activity and practice.

Sister Vayama from Australia and Ven. It’s just letting go and disappearing, and it’s very nice.

Buddhist Masters and Their Organisations: Ayya Khema

Not in the sky, nor in mid-ocean, nor in a mountain khemq, is found that place on earth, where one will not be overcome by death.

It passes quicker than we can say it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In June “Metta Vihara”, the first Buddhist forest monastery in Germany, was inaugurated by her, and the first ordinations in the German language took place there.

Starting the day with the determination to be mindful, contemplating the daily recollections, realizing that this is the only day we have and using it most skillfully, and then checking it out in the evening on the balance sheet, will give us a whole lifetime in one day. I was perfectly willing to let it happen, but then these doctors came round If one has passed the first flush of youth, one doesn’t need so much sleep any more.

If the mind is taken care of, it will take care of us. When physical activity does not demand our attention, we can again direct thoughts to the fleeting aspects of our own lives and everyone else’s, and reflect what to do in the short time available.


Ayya Khema was the first Western woman to become a Theravadin Buddhist nun.

Ven. Ayya Khema

When getting up in the morning, the first thing would be a determination to be mindful. Soon, Khema began feeling incomplete and this led to investigating various spiritual paths, [10] an interest her husband didn’t share. Since we’re not fools, we’ll try to eliminate all unwholesomeness in our thinking and emotions and try to substitute with the wholesome.

Applying the same principles day after day, there is no reason why our lives should not be harmonious. When the next life comes, it’s this life; actually this is our next life.

When the Iron Eagle Flies: We need to give it the possibility to relax, to stop thinking for a little while, to have a moment of peace and quiet, so that it can renew itself. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Not only am I thankful for their help with this book, but also most appreciative of their presence at the retreat, which enabled me to give these talks.