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AS/NZS (IEC , Ed. , MOD). Australian/New Zealand Standard. Explosive atmospheres. Part Design. You may be required to comply with this standard if you intend to undertake electrical work in areas where flammable gas or vapour risks may arise. Where. Looking for advice on AS-NZS & other AS-NZS certification standards? Contact E-x Solutions on (08) to speak to one of our experts today.

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This Standard was published on 1 8 September Each source aa be capable of maintaining, independently, the required level of pressure or rate of supply of protective gas. The maximum surface temperature of the eqferpment apparatus when tested in the dust- free test method in Equipment which would not be impaired by contact with solid foreign bodies or liquids for example strain gauges, resistance thermometers, thermocouples, energy-limited apparatus, etc.

The conduit shall be wrenchtight at all of the threaded connections. However th e r e quir e m e nts for non – haz a rdous areas ar e i nsuffic ie nt for inst alla t i ons i n h a z a rdous ar e as. NOTE Cables in metallic conduits, and fittings for the appropriate protection technique for the area in which they are to be installed, are subject to approval at ass level.

Suitable safeguards shall therefore be taken to prevent the occurrence of such frictional contact in circumstances where an explosive atmosphere may be present, because the simultaneous occurrence of the two sets of circumstances ss lead to ignition.

NOTE 3 If earthing of the circuit is inherent in the circuit operation, as for example with a grounded tip thermocouple or a conductivity probe, this should be the only connection to earth, unless it can be demonstrated that no fault condition can arise as a result of the presence of more than one earth connection.

In these circumstances, further advice shall be sought see also 5. The above requirements can be met by using the following calculation procedures. A typical example is the installation of nzx 1 type’ navigation equipment in Zone 2 areas of offshore oil production platforms, so that the navigation equipment can xs functional even in the presence of a totally unexpected prolonged gas release.

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Australian New Zealand Standard AS / NZS 60079:2009 Explosive Atmospheres – Western Australia

In terms of safety, it shall be considered, amongst other things, that electric charges shall have been safely eliminated from the piezo-ceramics frequently used as transducers in ultrasonic equipment by means of suitable circuit elements. No cathodic protection shall be provided for metallic parts in locations requiring EPL ‘Ga’ or ‘Da’ unless it is specially designed for this application.

If required to maintain the appropriate degree of ingress protection e. Combinations of metals that can lead to galvanic corrosion shall be avoided. Under such conditions, the equipment should be provided with suitable devices to ensure satisfactory prevention or draining of condensate. Surfaces with angles do not allow the gland and associated fittings inserted in the hole to fit square to the face, resulting in ineffective sealing.

Australian Hazardous Area Standards – AS-NZS | E-x Solutions

Where inert gas is used, particularly in nzss enclosures, measures shall be taken to prevent the danger of suffocation. Electrical installations design, selection and erection lECEd 4. Where trunking, ducts or pipes or trenches are used to accommodate cables, precautions should be taken to prevent the passage or collection of combustible dusts in such places. NOTE 2 Precautions against electrolytic corrosion should be considered.

COPYRIGHT 77 When used in locations providing adequate protection against the entry of solid foreign bodies or liquids capable of impairing safety for example indoorsenclosures containing bare live parts xs enclosures containing only insulated parts require a degree of ingress protection of IP4X and IP2X, respectively.

That this is the highest value of capacitance should be confirmed by measuring the other combination of cores and screen. Any temperature protective device, if required, shall be independent from any operating temperature control nze and de-energize the resistance-heating device either directly or indirectly.

If flexible metallic tubing is used, it and its fittings shall be so constructed that damage to the cable consequent upon its use is avoided.

Intrinsically safe circuits shall be earthed if this is necessary for safety reasons, for example in installations with safety barriers without galvanic isolation. The system of designating these equipment protection levels is as follows.


The supply shall be prevented from being switched on again until the doors and covers have been re-closed. I ECin so far as intrinsic safety is dependent on them. NOTE 1 Operation Where the duty of the motor is not S1 continuous operation at constant loadthe user should obtain the appropriate parameters for the determination of suitability given a definition of operation.

NOTE The previous editions of this Standard allocated protection concepts to zones, on the statistical basis that the more frequent the occurrence of an explosive atmosphere, the greater the level of safety required against the possibility of an ignition source.

In all other cases, where any interconnection of the poles of the sources is possible see Figure B. Such situations should receive careful consideration by a competent person and in any case should not be used for circuits without galvanic isolation entering an locations requiring EPL ‘Ga’.

If the marking of the electrical equipment includes an ambient temperature range, the equipment is designed to be used within this range. Where air is used as the protective gas, the a shall be located in a non-hazardous area and usually in such a position as to reduce the risk of contamination.

Special constructions can be employed as means of reducing leakage and preventing the propagation of flames. The situation became more complex with the introduction of the first hzs of lEC which introduced additional requirements to be applied for equipment intended to be used in Zone 0. In this case, means or equipment for direct temperature control by embedded temperature sensors specified in the motor documentation, other effective measures for limiting the temperature of the motor shall be provided or the speed control device ensures that the motor run up is such that the temperature is not exceeded.

Kirtiber o ;ot ver mearii: For other conditions, additional precautions may be necessary. NOTE; For furthier inforrnation, refet