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Alesis Trigger iO Digital Recording Interface

All the parameters for triggering are there: My CY was plugged into the “Crash” input of the unit input 8. As I described above, this input has some kind of special voodoo. Dual connectors allow you to use this digital recording interface with a variety of modern and traditional equipment, including the DM6 Drums Set Kit.

Pd Since the PD is a single Piezo trigger, I didn’t have any of the dual-zone concerns or problems. Playing response was decent again.

Alesis Trigger iO experiences – VDrums Forum

Bow response was decent. The size of the unit is compact, which I found beneficial. Good luck with the triggr of your e-kit! The UI is easy. However, they were not velocity sensitive bell strikes. Very interesting review Joe. Boy, a,esis I wrong. Any help, tips or comments would be greatly appreciated.


HiHats Surprisingly, what I went in thinking would be the hardest to set up was actually not very hard at all. Read more I accept. Once plugged in, you are free to play sounds with your Alesis recorder directly from drumming kits onto synths, drumming modules, or even computers.

I’m sure everyone appreciates it. Or I brushed another pad and it changed my editing focus and I akesis discover it until I had already started changing parameters for another pad. I had one already for live shows and now got another for the recording studio. But not with this unit.

In a word, disappointed. Even if I had the switch triggering well on all inputs, as the ride input does, there is no velocity sensitive response for the second zone note as you would have with a Roland TD TMI.

Alesis Trigger iO experiences No one probably wants this unit to work well more than I.

If you want to learn more about our privacy policy, please find detailed information here. I do hope they keep up with it though, and perhaps send out some software updates.


However, nothing tells you what pad is being edited, or even what zone.

Answered November 25, at However many of my rimshots also triggered the head simultaneously 2 MIDI notes are output. It mounts easily using the same mount plate Roland sells for its TD-modules.

The kit i use live is this one Cowbell is alewis in the pic: Login or Sign Up. Velocity was a bit too easy to trgger as outline in my first post, but using a GAIN of 0 made the middle velocities a bit too subdued. I never found a sweet spot that allowed great low, mid and high velocities, even trying out the different Velocity Curves. It helps capture the nuances of live drumming performances and seamlessly brings them over to the MIDI world for an idyllic recording.