ICS, Doc ID, STANAG Ed 6. Title, CLIMATIC CONDITIONS – AECTP Edition 1. Original Title. Category, TS. Location. AECTP (Edition 1) Leaflet /2 World-wide Ambient Air Temperature and Humidity Conditions and Levels of Direct Solar Radiation Additional Climatic. NATO AECTP CLIMATIC CONDITIONS. Amendment by NATO Publication, 05/01/ This document is an amendment. View the base document.

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Low Temperature and Dew Point Icing may occur during any stage of materiel service life when combinations of temperature and dew point combine at critical levels. Examples are materiel that is moved into cold outdoor ambient environments from a comparatively hot storage area. Moisture is likely to be formed on external and internal surfaces of materiel during flight sorties as a result of the transfer between prevailing temperatures at ground level and flight altitude and vice-versa, especially when operating into and out of airfields in sub-tropic or tropic regions.

Partial and Non-Conditioned Compartments Energy and heat transfer engineering Heavy closed cover e. The vehicles include wheeled and tracked fighting vehicles, and associated trailers, used as Service platforms for materiel, or used for transportation of materiel beyond forward storage bases and on the battlefield. Covered, solar-loaded adctp can elevate interior temperature to the limit allowed by the cooling effects of ventilation induced by the speed of the vehicle when the enclosure is not aetp.

Reduced performance of batteries.

The relative humidity inside installed equipment with semi-sealed, unventilated enclosures will be reduced gradually by selfdissipated heat, although moisture content is unlikely to be reduced.

Any attempt to tailor test severities to specifically measured data for the Dust and Sand test is unlikely to be cost effective. High humidity Examples of the effects of high humidity are: Even materiel located in partially sealed enclosures are vulnerable.


Sections to cover different situations in aechp materiel may be found, and follow a standardised format. It may be assumed that when engines are running or aircraft systems are operating from external power supplies, hatches will be open and air conditioning systems will be operating, providing ventilation and a reduction in the level of moisture of the atmosphere in the previously closed compartments. Heat generated by engines aetcp electrical power generators is likely to reduce levels of relative humidity, while condensation and steam in air conditioning plants, galleys and laundries are 2300 to elevate relative humidity.

Dust and sand Materiel can be affected by dust and sand during storage and handling. Low humidity When deployed in vehicles in hot dry regions of the world, heat generated eactp operational equipment is liable to result in exceptionally low levels of relative humidity within compartments and enclosures of individual items of materiel. Leaflet gives general guidance on the types and causes of natural and induced climatic environments, and gives information that is applicable to a variety of materiel types and 203.

Preferably, test severities should be derived from data obtained on the intended flight platform while located in the expected geographical area of deployment.

Rotary-winged aircraft and materiel and stores on those aircraft are subject to spray generated by the downwash of the rotor of the host aircraft when hovering at low level over water. Induced damp heat conditions e. In cold regions, materiel begins to benefit from any self-generated heat and from heat given off by other materiel. The minimum temperature experienced during storage may be warmer than the meteorological minimum. As systems warm up, conditions will tend to stabilise and levels of RH will probably decrease with heat dissipated by operational equipment.

Conditions may be aggravated by heat dissipated by vehicle power units, installed operational equipment and personnel carried on board.

Similar effects are qectp to occur inside temporary buildings and ad hoc improvised structures that may be employed in the battlefield.


A converse example is materiel that is exposed to direct solar radiation before immersion into water. This fron panel is realized so that the air contitioner can be easily installed and dismounted externally from the shelter by means of fork lift.

Evaluation of thermal resistance of the military sleeping bags

Dust and sand a. Low Temperature and Dew Point Each compartment should be assessed to determine if individual items of materiel are located in semi-stagnant areas where the temperature could fall outside the range of the controlled conditions.

It is preferred that test severities should be derived from specifically measured data including the influence of any form of conditioned or non-conditioned enclosure such as a 2230 shelter. Fluid systems and components for general use Pressure tight components or pressure relief mechanisms may aevtp of value to maintain materiel performance and reliability.


Lowering of viscosity and reduced efficiency of lubricants. BS Part 2. The latter may be tempered by some form of natural or man-made shade or ventilation. Humidity Reference 1 of Annex A gives information on the protection of materiel from the effects of moisture-laden atmospheres.

AECTP – What does AECTP stand for? The Free Dictionary

Diurnal cycling about the freezing point may result in alternate freezing and thawing of accumulations possibly hidden pockets of moisture condensed out of the atmosphere inside the vehicle.

When materiel is intended to be used in warm, damp atmospheres or wet tropical regions, in the absence of measured data, it should be assumed that the conditions will be similar to those for Transit and Storage in Category B wectp areas. To a lesser extent, the wheels and tracks of land based vehicles also generate clouds 320 dust and sand.

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